The Part-of-the-World Position of Heinz von Foerster (Bröcker, 2004)


Brief Strategic and Systemic Therapy European Review N. 1 – 2004

Arezzo, 2004 – 19 –
The Part-of-the-World Position of Heinz von Foerster
Monika Bröcker
Among many other fields such as that of learning and teaching, the that of
management, etc., Heinz von Foerster has been of enormous influence on
the development of systemic family therapy. Paul Watzlawick, for example,
was very much influenced by Heinz von Foerster’s thinking and has in his
own work, in his writings and his lectures about family therapy and
philosophy, often referred to Heinz’s ideas, particularly those concerning
constructivism, cognition, communication and second-order cybernetics.
Today, many family therapists around the world refer to Heinz von
Foerster’s insights. This paper sheds light on the position of Heinz von
Foerster in the field of psychotherapy