Complexity Institute – Recognize the present to explore the future


Complexity Institute – Recognize the present to explore the future


The Complexity Institute is a social promotion association founded in 2010 whose purpose is to spread complex thinking and ethics in behavior to help people and organizations to better understand the context in which they live in order to be an active and co-generating part. .The Scientific Committee includes scholars and experts in complex systems, including: Edgar Morin, one of the greatest philosophers of complexity, Pier Luigi Luisi, professor at ETH Zurich and internationally renowned scholar on the emergency of life, Alberto Felice De Toni, former rector at the University of Udine, President of the CRUI Foundation and professor of Management of Complex Systems. The President of the Complexity Institute is Marinella De Simone and the Vice President is Dario know more


The Complexity Institute has organized for six years, from 2013 to 2018, the Complexity Management Summer School and the Complexity Management Winter Lab, with the active participation of teachers, experts, managers and professionals from all over Italy on the issues of complexity applied to organizations. Since 2014, it has organized the Complexity Literacy Meeting every year, a three-day national event in which books are presented by authors and readers in a complex perspective, with dialogues and discussions between all the participants.

In March 2020, during the lockdown, he published an instant e-book online with the contribution of 18 authors entitled “The complexity of a pandemic”, which in a few days exceeded 3000 downloads from the site.

Between April and July 2020 he organized 12 weekly web-meetings dedicated to the complexity of the future that awaits us, and from October to December 2020 he organized the Complexity Literacy Meeting “Readings for a new world” with 10 web-meetings, to which a total of more than 5000 people are registered.

From March to April 2021 it held a series of web-meetings dedicated to the theme “Complexity in action – 8 levers to change the world”. The themes of the 8 evenings are inspired by the 8 principles of the Global Enaction Manifesto.The Complexity Management Executive Master 2021/2022 will take place from September 2021 to April 2022.