Beyond the Great Reset – Systems Change Alliance, May 15, 2021 FREE LIVESTREAM

Beyond the Great Reset The Systems Change Summit May 15, 2021 FREE LIVESTREAM

Beyond the Great Reset – Systems Change Alliance
imagem_2021-03-22_172754Beyond the Great Reset:
The Systems Change Summit
Dear friends,

Beyond the Great Reset: the Systems Change Summit is happening tomorrow! To those of you who have registered, thank you for your vote of trust, and to those who haven’t, today is the last opportunity to join us for a day of great talks by some of the best thinkers and activists of our time, and to participate in creating a joint Declaration for Planetary Systems Change!The Full LineupHear from this great lienup of speakers on how we can create a world beyond “corporate sustainability” and move toward regenerative cultures and needs-based economies.
First Session
7.00-8.00 UTCHelena Norberg-Hodge

Strengthening Local Economies worldwide – The path to healing ourselves and the planethnh

8.00-8.45 UTC
Sohail Inayatullah

Alternative Futures for Capitalismsohail
8.45-9.30 UTCByron Joel

The Great Reset: Sovereignty and Servitude in the Age Of SurveillanceByron Joel

Discussions and Networking Event
11.00-13.00 UTCSpeed Networking

Get paired up with a different systems changemaker every few minutes, or use the space freely to start conversations on your own!gather town

Second Session

15.00-15.45 UTC
Clare Politano

Technology as a Commons: Why Systems Change Requires Cooperative TechnologyClare-Politano-headshot
15.45-16.30 UTCDaniel Christian Wahl

Regenerative Cultures and Economies of Placedcw

16.30-17.15 UTC
Richard Heinberg

Clean Energy Shiftrh

Discussions and Networking Event
17.30-19.30 UTCDiscussions and Speed Networking

Participate in the discussion rooms to help co-create the Planetary Declaration for Systems Change, or join the networking rooms if you are in a more social mood!gather town

Third Session

20.00-20.45 UTC
James Quilligan

The Global Shift to Distributive Value: From Supply-Side to Needs-Based EconomiesJames-Quilligan

20.45-21.30 UTC
Emily Kawano

Solidarity Economy and System ChangeEmily

21.30-22.30 UTC
Priscella Kinney

Environmental and Community Stewardshippk
All the talks will be livestreamed and are free to watch, but you can also opt to join the virtual space, which will be open for 24 hours, to freely interact with other summit participants, join discussions and participate in structured networking!Learn More and Register Here