See the Systems Partners – a new education initiative

See the Systems Partners

See the Systems Partners


See the Systems Partners

What is the initiative?

See the Systems is a new education initiative aimed at bringing the value of systems action to strengthen communities around the world.

Teams will compete from schools and other associations to map systemic issues within their local communities, design / prototype proposed solutions, and validate / implement their ideas while measuring the resulting qualitative and quantitative impacts.

Participants will partner with experienced mentors, systems practitioners, and subject matter experts from organisations such as the ISSS (International Society for Systems Science), the ORS (Operational Research Society) and INCOSE (International Council for Systems Engineering) while actively sharing their learnings via social media and other platforms.

The prize structure will reward activities sustaining long term positive benefits. Entries will be judged on ingenuity, leverage, people engaged, and quality of evaluation.

Exponential is a mathematical term for a form of compound non-linear growth or decline over time. In this chart, the horizontal X axis is time and the vertical Y axis is an accumulation. The graph illustrates how exponential growth (green) eventually surpasses both linear (red) and cubic (blue) growth. However, at first this is not apparent.

See the Systems aims to empower young people with the tools and agency to make a real difference to their world.