Cybernetics is not the banana.

chosen path

not the banana


What are we offering the world?

Imagine a chimp in a cage. In this cage is a banana on top of a large shelf, out of reach for the chimp. However, there is also a stick in the cage. Of course, the chimp will manage to get the banana using the stick.
To this story, von Foerster said: cybernetics is not about the banana.

Ask yourself – what am I offering my clients? As a consultant, as a company, as a trainer, as a teacher…

  • Am I offering them the banana? Tasty, juicy, sweet, addictive – but just one banana.

  • Or the stick? Very hand in specific situations where the banana is on a high shelf.
    As the joke says – teach a man to fish, and he’ll sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

  • Am I offering them the shelf, bananas for the…

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