What might Coordinated System-Wide Climate Emergency Activity look like?



As we know, the response to the climate change emergency is such a ferociously complicated system problem that no-one can solve it on their own; all must play a part. But the disparate nature of different organisations and the very many different things that need to happen can mean that we end up (potentially) pulling in different directions and confusing the general public who are less close to the whole thing.

I wanted to paint a vision of what coordinated action could look like, to provoke discussion.

Let’s Suppose…

That in a place, let’s call it Snorbenden, the multiple active community groups, local employers who cared about this, the council, other public institutions, decided that they would coordinate their various activities, for a year, around a theme of air quality. I’ve just taken air quality as an example, but the rationale could run along the lines of:

  • It’s important…

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