Systems Change | Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program (paid training)

I assume that the course content is much deeper than the outline might seem to suggest.

Systems Change

Systems Change | Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program

Systems Change

“I found the whole course to be extremely useful and effective: it helped us move forward and look at our system journey in a larger picture.”

(Feedback from former participant of the Systems Change course)

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What is this module all about? 

Look Deeper: Aim For Systems Change! 

In this essential strategy course, we share back the key insights Ashoka has learned from its Fellows on their most powerful strategies to achieve systems change.

The systems change course consists of 8 modules to craft your own systems change strategy based on proven frameworks for scaling social impact in any sector. Each module contains videos explaining the main frameworks and how to apply them to the exercises of the workbook which build on each other to produce a complete system change strategy in the end.

Join this course to analyse your system and identify a range of practical interventions to scale your impact on the system – without necessarily growing your organization. This is an opportunity to meet some of the most innovative social entrepreneurs and deep dive into systems change strategies together.

We are convinced: To make a longer-lasting difference and maximise the impact of available resources, social change must ultimately address the root causes and systemic drivers that are producing a social problem. By taking an indirect impact approach such as changing policies, industry norms, power structures, incentives, mindsets and more, social entrepreneurs can shift a system to produce better outcomes itself and as a result achieve a significantly greater and longer lasting change.

For a brief high-level introduction to systems change, read a summary of key concepts here. For some practical case studies and insights listen to our systems change podcast series with Ashoka Fellows from around the world.

Module Timeline

The time requirement for this course is a minimum of 3 hours per module, for more advanced results 4-5h. This includes at least 1.5h+ to watch the videos and complete the exercises plus a 1.5h peer-learning session for each module where participants share and discuss their strategy progress and insights based on the completed exercises.

Access to the online learning modules including videos, workbook with exercises, and additional resources is provided two weeks before the start of the course. Exercise results and insights are then discussed in the below facilitated group sessions for peer-to-peer learning.

Bi-weekly sessions Wednesdays, 2- 3:30pm CET starting September 2021.

8/09 Module 1: Introduction: What Systems Change is and Why it Matters

22/09 Module 2: The Power of Root Cause Analysis

6/10 Module 3: Systems Analysis: Find your Targeted System Change

20/10 Module 4: Map Your Systems Change Story

3/11 Module 5: Ways to Achieve your Goal: Deep dive into your Systems Change

 Weekly sessions Wednesdays, 2-3:30pm CET in November 2021.

10/11 Module 6: Leverage the Power of Systemic Collaboration

17/11 Module 7: Develop New Leadership Skills for Systems Change

24/11 Module 8 & Final Workshop: Align Funding and Evaluation with Systems Change & Final Workshop.