Scott | Cybernetics for the Social Sciences | (2021)

Cybernetics for the Social Sciences

Scott | Cybernetics for the Social Sciences | 1st edition | 2021 |

Published: April 30, 2021


Cybernetics for the Social Sciences

A book. Soft cover


VI, 130 pp.

In English

Brill Academic Publishers. ISBN 9789004464346

Format (W x L): 15.5 x 23.5 cm

Weight: 239 g

The work is part of the series:  Brill Research Perspectives in Humanities and Social Sciences / Brill Research Perspectives in Sociocybernetics and Complexity

Product descriptionBernard Scott has met a long-felt need by authoring a book that shows the relevance of cybernetics for the social sciences (including psychology, sociology, and anthropology). Scott provides user-friendly descriptions of the core concepts of cybernetics, with examples of how they can be used in the social sciences. He explains how cybernetics functions as a transdiscipline that unifies other disciplines and a metadiscipline that provides insights about how other disciplines function. He provides an account of how cybernetics emerged as a distinct field, following interdisciplinary meetings in the 1940s, convened to explore feedback and circular causality in biological and social systems. He also recounts how encountering cybernetics transformed his thinking and his understanding of life in general.