The System Work of Social Change – Book Launch

The System Work of Social Change – Book Launch

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It is time to think about (and do)
systems change differentlyNeed hope in dark times? A new book The Systems Work of Social Change, launching on September 1, offers a fresh – and deeply hopeful – take on mending a broken world. Simple, but radical, this book distills 200 years of social change-making and presents innovative and workable examples of how to do things differently.
“It will guide those who work in and think about systems change for a generation. A breakthrough book.”   – Stephan Chambers, Director, Marshall Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science 
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From Stigma to PrideThe Systems Work of Social Change by Cynthia Rayner and François Bonnici draws on research of over 200 years of social change literature, hundreds of interviews, and 8 in-depth case studies from the Schwab Foundation’s community of committed social changemakers. Mothers to Mothers (m2m), a new C2030 member, is one of the featured organisations. Headed by Frank Beadle de Palomo, m2m is an excellent example of an organisation that has built a impactful and responsive network that is ensuring broader agency for people and communities across Africa. 

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We asked. You answered. How can we do better?For the first time in the one and a half year existence of the Catalyst 2030 network, a Midterm Strategy Review was conducted as part of an ongoing monitoring, evaluation and learning framework. We wanted to assess how working together can accelerate change and how the collective “we” can do better.
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Celebrating successDream a Dream, a C2030 member based in India, is determined to empower children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and thrive in a fast-changing world. And with the nationwide impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in India, they have stepped in and worked relentlessly to support young people and communities.

Click here for an update of what Dream a Dream, has been up to the past few months

Empowering young global citizens
What is the role of entrepreneurship in impacting the youth ecosystem? How can education help the youth adapt to post-pandemic realities?

Kenneth Kwok, founder of KIDsforSDGs, a Catalyst 2030 member, uses the 6Ps Approach to advocate for youth leadership and entrepreneurship as ways to empower young global citizens. 
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Building food securityNigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is projected to become the third most populous country in the world by 2050, after China and India. The ability to consistently meet the food demands of the growing population is crucial to food security. That is why the work of social entrepreneur and Catalyst 2030 member, Uche Daniel Jumbo, is critical.

Uche is the CEO of GoodFood Agric Enterprises, a business that grows easily affordable staple foods such as plantain, banana, vegetables and meat. GoodFood is also involved in the production, processing and packaging of food products.

The business is addressing SDG 1: No Poverty through the provision of employment and training for the young and vulnerable. It is also addressing SDG 2: Zero Hunger through the provision of quality, healthy and affordable staple food for Nigerians. Eventually, it hopes to achieve inclusive food systems that can sustainably benefit Nigerians as a whole and the world at large.

Click here to find out more, or to collaborate, you can contact Uche at +234 802 911 8429 or Email:
Is your voice part of the People’s Report?The playful People’s Report survey has a very serious intent. It is designed to reach people all over the world and to find out exactly what their lived experiences are. Do they have clean water? Can their children go to school? Do they feel safe? The results of the survey will be taken to the world’s leaders at the UN in September. We want the people who are making decisions on our behalf to know the situations that we face and the needs that need to be met.So, are you ready to give 5 minutes of your time to change the world? Click here to take part.
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 NEWS FROM THE WORKING GROUPSWorking Group 7 – Engaging the Private Sector: report launched  ‘How & Why Corporates & Social Enterprises Should Partner to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals’Working Group 11 – Next Economies: report ‘An Investigation into Financing Transformation’ launching on July 15, please contact Steve Waddell

Working Group 13 – Systems Change Learning:  Recognising the gap in practical and actionable tools for SE who undergo systems change efforts. Proposing solutions here! Please email Debbi Brock or Brendon Johnson to build these learning opportunities! 

COLLABORATION CORNERReferral ToolkitMembers can bring in collaborators aligned to our values & vision, e.g. to help with group/chapter activities. Please invite collaborators in your network to our community!Our next Conversation Cafe is coming up next week, on Wednesday August 18th at 4pm CEST. It is a great place to meet your fellow C2030 members and to find synergies and collaboration opportunities.
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