Launch of Playbook for Systemic Innovation

h/t Mikael Seppala

Launch of Playbook for Systemic Innovation


Launch of Playbook for Systemic Innovation

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Halogen, Demos Helsinki and Future fit Leadership Academy are proud to present a step-by-step approach to systemic transformation and ecosystem innovation. Together, we have developed a Playbook for Systemic Innovation – Mindsets and Methods for Transformation.

Across private and public sectors, fundamental industries such as food production, energy, transportation, communication and materials, all face a series of serious challenges. The sustainability gap is vast, as a result of what we call transformative failure.

The solution is transformations that are not only economically viable, but also covers ecological and social needs. This calls for systemic change; we must go from one paradigm to another.

We appreciate that business as usual is hard enough as it is, and introducing new business models, new competences and new forms of collaboration can seem almost impossible. But it is possible.

Through an R&D project, funded by Innovation Norway, we have gathered our knowledge and systemised our competence in a new offering, a step-by-step approach to ecosystem innovation. The framework has been developed through real-life projects with fish farming company Aquaressurs and trade organisation Abelia. The process and results will be presented at the launch.

The playbook covers aspects such as regenerative mindsets, systemic mapping, systemic leadership, orchestration of ecosystems, design driven innovation and portfolio management, accompanied by real-life examples and business cases.

Join our digital launch Thursday September 16th @ 9:00 CET to learn more about our Systemic Playbook and how to start transformative change in your organisation