Engineering cybernetics – Wikipedia

Engineering cybernetics

Engineering cybernetics – Wikipedia

h/t to Ben Sweeting who on the CYBCOM list said:

I’ve also just come across this ‘Engineering Cybernetics’ book from the 1950s, by Qian Xuesen – available open access here: #7 – Engineering cybernetics. – Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library – and this interesting review of it: Engineering cybernetics: 60 years in the making ( – which says (my emphasis):

More importantly, the book shows, in the true spirit of science, that all assumptions,explicit or otherwise, must be made accountable in engineering. The turning point in the book is where Tsien goes beyond the model-based theory of servomechanisms and argues for the necessity of a new design principle for a general type of system where the properties and characteristics of the controlled system are largely unknown.



the author is this interesting character:

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