#35: System Effects update – by Luke Craven – Pig on the Tracks

#35: System Effects update

#35: System Effects update – by Luke Craven – Pig on the Tracks

Luke says:

It has been a while since I have talked about System Effects—my pet system mapping methodology/software—and the impact that it has been making in the world. I fondly refer to System Effects as my side hustle, but I have not been giving it anywhere as much attention recently as it deserves, despite some very exciting developments.

For newer readers, this is also an opportunity to learn a bit more about the methodology, experiment with the software, and see what both are capable of.

Over the weekend, we’ve clocked 50 use-cases of the methodology since I started actively proselytising about it in late 2016. I’m tremendously proud of that reach in a relatively short time. While a good chunk of those use cases stay hidden away in internal documentation, it’s heartening to see that many others are being shared publicly, including…

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