Certified Systems Thinker – by Gene Bellinger – SystemsWiki’s Musings

Certified Systems Thinker You can’t be serious? Gene Bellinger 1 hr ago Yes, I am serious, though unexpectedly. In the previous “Selling Systems Thinking” I mentioned the a previously available “Certified Systems Thinker” program which was developed in Udemy. I was rather surprised when a number of people asked what happened to the program, and why didn’t I bring it back? That sounded like a meaningful question, so I spent most of the night last night, up all night is a normal thing for me anyway, reviewing all the notes, models and videos for the program. As such, the program now exists as a self-paced learning thread in Kumu. Since I have a habit of telling people I’m a Storyteller, a recovering Systems Thinker, I considered labeling it the “Certifiable Systems Thinker,” yet my wife repeatedly tells me almost no one understands my humor, except me. The program doesn’t offer a certificate though, if you complete it, you will have the result of the exercises you can share with others to demonstrate your level of understanding. Just remember, it’s all just “Trial & Learning.”

Certified Systems Thinker – by Gene Bellinger – SystemsWiki’s Musings

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