SCiO’s systems thinking practitioner accreditation

A discussion on Facebook about Gene Bellinger’s self-conscious revival of his ‘certified’ (or, as he says, certifiable) systems thinking course made me think to post this.

At SCiO (systems and complexity in organisation –, as the UK professional body for systems thinking practice, we have one accredited offer and have supported another.

These are systems thinking *practice* certifications, and are peer assessed based on a portfolio of actual work (so not directly accrediting *thinking*, but practice).

The direct offer is a professional qualification based on the competency framework:
This is available worldwide.

The competency framework is a set of recognised systems practices – the criteria being that they draw on recognised systems laws – and supporting practices, which are needed to be effective.

The offer we support is the England and Wales Level 7 (postgrad) Systems Thinking Practitioner apprenticeship, a 30-month apprenticeships-levy-eligible qualification on day release from an employer:
This is also assessed by experienced practitioners based on a portfolio.

At the moment (and partly because of the *enormous* work involved in setting up the apprenticeship) I feel that we are lacking governance mechanisms to adapt two of the critical boundaries:

  • what count as the systems laws
  • what count as approved systems practices

(and a third thing – what counts as approved supporting practice)

…but they have been worked on and discussed over many years, so it’s a well-founded line in the sand for now.

So there is a formal and reasonable well-credentialed certification of competencies in systems thinking *practice* availabel.