Winnie the Pooh – Lesson 2

Systems Ninja

This is the second blog I write based on the wisdom of a small bear who was “big of heart”.

In a scene in the 2018 film Christopher Robin, Pooh asks a frantically rushing adult version of Christopher Robin, of his bag of “important things” :

Is it more important than a balloon?”

If I am honest, this line struck right to my core (as much of this film did), and reminded me to stop and appreciate what I have right now.

The notion of value is not absolute. Nothing can be “important”. Only the perception of value. This is a systems perspective.

We define what is of value, but that value is one which we placed upon it, not something the “thing” holds as a feature of its being.

You see to Pooh, the balloon was of great value, as it made him happy. To Christopher Robin, it…

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