part-time research assistant sought: International Federation for Systems Research

Part-time Research Assistance

Open position

A person is sought who has some familiarity or interest in the Systems/cybernetics fields to provide part-time research assistance to the president of IFSR (currently Prof. Ray Ison). The post is for 6 hours per week and would be suited to someone currently undertaking PhD study or might like to become familiar with the systems field as preparation for future PhD study.

Role specification:
Assist the President in drafting and circulating strategic position papers amongst IFSR members and to policy makers and selected journalists;
Undertake relevant literature research and drafting of material on behalf of the president; assist with submissions of IFSR policy publications when relevant
Assist the president in compiling data from IFSR member websites and from one-to-one conversations with individuals in leadership positions in IFSR member organisations as contributions to strategy documents
Help identify potential funding sources for research and/or policy entrepreneurship based on IFSR strategy proposals
Assist in bid preparation for funding
Liaise with other EC members and IFSR Community Curator in relation to other tasks.
For further information, for leads, and applications please contact Prof Ray Ison and Louis Klein at