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Excel to Graphviz

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Creates graph visualizations of Excel data relationships.


  • Use Excel worksheets to create Graphviz graphs
  • One common macro-enabled spreadsheet which runs on Windows or MacOS
  • Displays graphs within Excel, with ability to save graphs to file
  • Auto refresh feature updates the graph as you enter values into Excel Cells
  • UTF-8 character support for non-Western languages (e.g. Greek)
  • Not an Excel Add-In; all features run as VBA macros in the workbook
  • All features are easily controlled from Excel’s tab interface
  • Style editor for visually defining Node, Edge, and Cluster attributes
  • Saves style definitions by name for reuse, and include predefined flowchart shapes
  • Create multiple graph views from a single set of data
  • View and save the “dot” source code generated from Excel
  • Extract and graph data from other Excel workbooks via SQL queries (Win OS only)
  • Includes help worksheets for Graphviz shapes, colors, and attributes
  • Extensive documentation with simple tutorials
  • Sample files included
  • Export/Import to JSON for backup, source control, and sharing