UK Level 7 Systems thinking practitioner apprenticeship / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education


Systems thinking practitioner / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

As providers start to train the first apprentices, a good time to refresh on this. The specification and requirements for the post-graduate-level apprenticeship (which doesn’t have a specific degree requirement) are above.

The official providers page is:

Providers I know of:

  • JGA:
  • Cranfield:
  • Exeter:
  • The Open University: (video:
  • Birmingham:
  • Together Training:
  • UK College of Business:
  • Skills Training UK (can’t find specific link):

Declaration of interest: I’ve been in the second or third tier of people who have supported this process from professional qualification to Trailblazer Committee to setting up the apprenticeship proper, and am on the board of SCiO which is the professional body, will be the ‘end point assessor’ through an arms-length company, and is providing skilled trainers on an agency basis and curriculum input at least one provider.