10 fave papers

Petter Holme

These are all paper that inspired me through my random walks in academia (with some emphasis on articles that deserve more attention). (It’s an updated version of a blog post from 2012.)

1. P Bearman, J Moody, R Faris (2002) Networks and history This paper blew my mind when I first read it. All of a sudden, network theory didn’t seem to have any limits. It is about checking the consistency of narratives by reconstructing their causal chains. It is also a case study of a book by the famous (and controversial) Swedish leftist Jan Myrdal. The book, Report from a Chinese village, is a pretty readable account of the Chinese civil war. (I should also say that I was traumatized by having to read his (I thought extremely boring) autobiography in high school.) BMF’s paper was also the direct inspiration to our Emergence of collective memories

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