Management Systems: A Viable Approach (book) | Maurice Yolles (1999)

Management Systems: A Viable Approach – Maurice Yolles

(PDF) Management Systems: A Viable Approach | Maurice Yolles –

This text explore the nature of management systems, explores the nature of methodology and method. and then presents a number of relativistic methodologies in the systems domain that are able to cope with social complexity. Case illustrations are provided for these. The book is about managing complexity, and within it a management systems approach to situations is adopted that relates to the uncertain and complex, and that involve what many might refer to in the abstract as purposeful adaptive activity systems. Management systems is the use of systems thinking to pursue management activities. It can provide an important way to showing managers and other leaders how they may be able to satisfactorily deal with complexity. Some aspects of management systems provide ways by which complex situations can be described, while others give guidelines that enable us to explain such situations. Interest here will, in addition to this, be to explore the nature of systemic inquiry into complex situations through methods that enable managers to formulate dynamic strategic plans.