What is sensemaking? | Centre For Public Impact (CPI)


What is sensemaking? | Centre For Public Impact (CPI)

Last spring, our Executive Director, Adrian Brown, shared what we’ve been learning about reimagining government over the past few years and introduced CPI as a learning partner: an organization that helps others build their own capacity to learn.

This is how we believe that we can best help government organisations, by supporting them on their learning journeys and helping them to build the mindsets, culture, capabilities, and tools that will enable them to commit to a process of continuous experimentation and learning.

Within our definition, there are two complementary sets of practices that encourage different types of learning, and which form the core of our role as a learning partner. We’ve called these two sets of practices sensemaking and action-learning.

But what does playing the role of a learning partner actually look like in practice? And what do sensemaking and action-learning actually involve?

In the true spirit of being a learning partner, we are continually learning about what it means to be one, and we want to share that knowledge more widely so that others can benefit. However, we understand that some may be less familiar with the learning partner role, and concepts like sensemaking and action-learning.

As such, we’re embarking on a series of articles which will explore and share what it means to be a learning partner. We’ll be sharing what we have learned based on our own work with those in and around government, but we’ll also be looking to share the reflections from changemakers who are reimagining government in their own words. In this first piece of the series, we’re taking a closer look at sensemaking, what it is, and practical examples of it in action.

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January 13th, 2022 | Innovation • Delivery • Justice • Cities • Legitimacy • Technology What is sensemaking?

What is sensemaking? | Centre For Public Impact (CPI)