What do you want to read from me?

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The below is posted on LinkedIn, which has been the driver for my blogging – I put all my pieces, usually twice-weekly, on www.chosen-path.org for the open web and https://antlerboy.medium.com/ (and then weekly I do a newsletter summary of the pieces and a few others links I’ve shared on Twitter and through https://stream.syscoi.com/, and share that newsletter on LinkedIn, getRevue, substack, and Medium and the Chosen Path blog)…

I’d value comments there – and also comments here on ‘what I’m posting’ in general…

Inviting journey along the A849 Road
Inviting journey along the A849 Road
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © C Michael Hogan – geograph.org.uk/p/1978629

What do you want to read from me on #LinkedIn?

I’ve been posting regularly now for some time, on topics around #systemsthinking, #complexity, #publicservices, #change and so on.

And some of my posts get a very pleasing number of likes and responses – see https://chosen-path.org/2021/12/09/my-top-linkedin-posts-you-wont-believe-number-77/ for some examples as…

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