The basic outline of universology – (1872 edition) | Stephen Pearl Andrews (discovered by Matthew Shapiro)

An edition of The basic outline of universology (1872) The basic outline of universology. An introduction to the newly discovered science of the universe; its elementary principles; and the first stages of their development in the special sciences. Together with preliminary notices of alwato (ahl-wah-to), the newly discovered scientific universal language, resulting from the principles of universology. by Stephen Pearl Andrews

The basic outline of universology. (1872 edition) | Open Library

(link above includes a downloadable pdf)

In The Ecology of Systems Thinking Group on facebook, Matthew Shapiro posted this book

And said:

The evolutionary awakening in the mid-1800’s gave rise to a lot of interesting thoughts. Could this one be a first example of a call for “systems science” in the modern era?

I could upload this boook and his 1871 book to this site if anyone wants to spend a few weeks exploring it. (Interesting side note: he was one of the first to use the neologism “scientology”). Below is an intro.

If nothing else, I love his word “betweenity”.

In response, Örsan Şenalp said: this is an original approach to unified science (perhaps a first attempt) from the subject matter point of view. It is an integrative proposal that sounds very similar to systems line of thinking.