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Resources — Radical Childcare Systems Lab

Openness has always been a key principle of our ecosystem, from 00 ventures through to Impact Hub Birmingham and #RadicalChildcare because it is vital for work to become stronger and spread, shorten the feedback cycle. It enables many to test implementations and creates opportunities beyond what we could even imagine. We try to be as open as we possibly can at every stage, and we don’t want our work to be binary, but a start point.

We feel it’s better to have a vision to hack, iterate and critique and build better than to complain about the system without re-imagining together what it could too, so this is an open invitation to use and download the resources to make your work stronger, better and broader. We hope these values will be reciprocal, and where you feel we might be able to support your work, or if it’s appropriate to credit, please do. We all stand on the shoulders of many people’s work, and no one person, organisation or solution sill tackle these complex challenges alone.

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