Like a Lemon to a Lime, a Lime to a Lemon

Lovely juicy systemic messiness which also sort of explains why you can no longer buy *proper satsumas* in the UK:
“Most of us are trained to calibrate our equipment and to double-check our experimental designs, but how often do we reconcile our concepts?”

Found from this twitter thread:

“Reality has a surprising amount of detail”


We recently wrote a post
about Maciej Cegłowski’s essay Scott And Scurvy, a fascinating account of how the cure for scurvy was discovered, lost, and then by incredible chance, discovered again. At the time we said that this essay is one of the most interesting things we’ve ever read, and that we hoped to write more about it in the future. It was, we do, and here we go.

In the other post, we talked about what the history of scurvy can teach us about contradictory evidence — stuff that appears to disprove a theory, even though it doesn’t always. In this post, we want to talk about something different: the power of concepts.

First we’re gonna show you how bad it can be if you don’t have concepts you need. Then we’re going to show you how bad it can be if you DO have concepts you DON’T…

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