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The Grammar of Systems

The Grammar of Systems | Major Projects Association

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Patrick Hoverstadt

The Grammar of Systems

Provides consultancy mainly in organisation design, strategy, business architecture and organisational change using systems approaches. He has developed a set of methodologies that provide different approaches for: organisational change, performance management, strategic risk, strategy, partnership governance and organisational agility. In his spare time he does a bit of academic work, for Manchester Business School and the OU and is a visiting Research Fellow at Cranfield. Patrick wrote Fractal Organisation published by Wiley, the section on the Viable Systems Model in the OU’s course text Systems Approaches to Managing Change and contributions to a number of other books on management and organisation. Together with his co-author, Lucy Loh, he published Patterns of Strategy with Gower – a book outlining a radically different and systemic approaches to business strategy. Most recently, he has published: The Grammar of Systems – From Order to Chaos and Back.