What’s the USE of Systems Leadership?

Systems Leadership, Lessons & Learning

(practical actions for those who are tired, stressed and in a hurry)


  1. What can you stop doing, let go of, unlearn, in your leadership practice?
  2. Where can you create space for systems leadership to develop?
  3. How can you make it easier to lead at the edges?


We haven’t got time to learn how to do systems leadership” a participant told me. “We’re short-staffed, exhausted, over-worked…no room for something new.

She had a point, of course, and it was echoed by nods from others in the workshop, and clapping yellow hands from those who had mastered emoticons.

One of the criticisms of systems leadership is the effort it seems to take: to build relationships, collaborate with people from other sectors, spend time understanding differences, experiment, reflect, learn and try again, to deal with problems which by their nature have no solutions. It can feel frustrating…

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