Why can’t we talk the same language, when it’s so important?

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You should listen to this 70-minute work-through of a US council meeting – in Springfield Massachusetts – with a commentary from Charles Marohn of Strong Towns.


Why on earth would you spend over an hour of your life listening to excerpts from a council meeting with commentary from a campaigning engineer?

Politicians and townsfolk want answers to a problem: people are reliably and predictably getting killed on State Street. That system is broken. And the system of investigating remediation, deciding options, implementing… isn’t fixing it. That’s broken too.

Spring Street, MA (Google Maps, retrieved 2022-04-27)

You should listen because it’s really important on several levels:
– it’s important because the design of our streets and towns is critical to road safety

– it’s also critical for the future of our environment, economic success, and human thriving

More than all…

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