Learning to think in systems to tackle complexity | ANZSOG (the Australia and New Zealand School of Government) series of masterclasses


Published Date: 10 May 2022

In a complex and volatile world, many parts of the public sector are struggling with policy challenges that cut across agencies and jurisdictions and involve actors inside and outside government.

David R. Keith, Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, believes that understanding system dynamics – and where governments fit into broader systems – can improve public sector leaders’ ability to deliver better responses to complex challenges.

Prof. Keith is one of the new masterclass presenters in ANZSOG’s Future public sector leaders’ series and will deliver the Diagnosing and Solving Complex Policy Problems masterclass on 1 June. The masterclass will introduce public sector leaders to System Dynamics, a methodology for the modelling and analysis of complex systems and design of high-leverage interventions.

Learning to think in systems to tackle complexity | ANZSOG