Systems convening, systems thinking, systems practice – Monday 13 June 2022, 12:30pm UK time

chosen path

As I’m sending reminders to the 80 people (!) who have signed up for this short session, I thought I would remind people here, too.

So, this is the final reminder here that the session takes place next Monday, 13 June at 12:30pm UK time. 

The signup link is at

When you sign up you will get a personal link direct from Zoom – I don’t have access to this link (which may go to your spam), but if you have any problems joining, you can go direct to the signup page and sign up again – doing so after the start time should take you directly in to the zoom.

The session will be recorded and transcribed, and both will be shared with participants and publicly, please do not join if you aren’t comfortable with this.

We will use two tools during the session which are open now…

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