RSD11 Focus: Confronting legacies of oppression in systemic design

FOCUS: CONFRONTING LEGACIES OF OPPRESSIONRSD UPDATES | RSD11 PROGRAMBookmark0Confronting legacies of oppression in systemic designSystemic design is often complicit in the reproduction of oppression, contributing to structural inequities being designed into our systems. A growing group of scholars and practitioners are confronting legacies of oppression in this domain, such as through explorations into decolonizing systems thinking (Goodchild, 2021), and abolitionist design (Fathallah & Lewis, 2021), and design justice (Costanza-Chock, 2020). To grapple with the systemic nature of oppression, a greater commitment to equity, self-determination and liberation in, through and beyond systemic design is needed.

Focus: Confronting legacies of oppression