SYSTAC Europe looking for *volunteers* to support a forum for systems thinking for health systems

Are you a junior researcher? Are you interested in supporting others in systems thinking?
We are looking for you!SYSTAC Europe is looking for a team of driven junior and early-stage researchers to create and design a support forum for systems thinking for health systems. The forum is expected to be place for young researchers to build confidence in their systems thinking practice by developing soft skills and technical skills through peer support. The design and activities of the forum will be decided by the team. The team is expected to jointly develop a short plan for the forum by the end of October 2022. Team members will have the opportunity to lead the forum after its launch. The SYSTAC Coordination team will provide input on as needed and the team will have the option to be part of other SYSTAC activities. During 2022, SYSTAC Europe will fund the development of the forum and travel and activity costs.If you have any experience with systems thinking and health systems research and are enthusiastic about supporting other junior researchers, send us a cover letter explaining why you are interested in being part of the team and how you would envision the support forum. Individuals and groups are welcome to apply!Duration: July – December 2022
Pay: Volunteer basisApply by sending your letter to by June 30th.