Relating systems and design – RSD11 Call for Contributions, University of Brighton UK October 13-16 20220


RSD11 Call for Contributions

There’s still time to submit papers and presentations for RSD11. This year the programme explores transdisciplinary connections and perspectives that augment systemic approaches. We plan to hold sessions online and in-person at the University of Brighton from October 13 to 16.

Here’s the brief – please share with your colleagues

RSD11: Possibilities and Practices of Systemic Design

As designers look to address systemic challenges, they must wrestle with tensions and conflicting requirements within their practices and the situations they seek to change. Systemic questions cannot be approached one at a time in isolation. Yet, it is inevitable that design is partial in its engagements – to address everything is implausible or uncritical to implicit boundary judgements and the privileges of dominant perspectives. Unpredictable interdependencies require a cautious approach, yet incremental strategies risk entrenching underlying errors and injustices by making the status quo more palatable. Profound, long-term changes are needed, but the urgency of the present also demands immediately achievable actions. 

At RSD11, we look to expand further systemic design’s modes of working:

Systemic design has thus far drawn primarily on methodological and organisational aspects of systems thinking as a way of handling complexity. In what ways might other perspectives augment systemic approaches?

The systems field is open to the creative arts, countercultural movements, enactive cognitive science, family therapy, posthumanism, and others. How might these transdisciplinary connections further enrich and critique systemic design research and practice?

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