If You Don’t Know You Better Ask Somebody.

Princess Fantastic

Have you ever seen someone freak out at a church? People who couldn’t walk get up out of their chairs. People speak in tongues, they fall shivering to the floor. So when these people talk to someone who doesn’t think there’s a God, there’s a big disconnect. All of those things happened while they were watching and so telling them that there is no God is like them they didn’t wake up this morning. I was there guy. You’re welcome to join me next time.

They sure felt something.

Nobody can see God. That’s like his number one rule: no touching makes it hotter. An atheist doesn’t think there’s a god that’s creating the things the religious person feels, but we’ve all got some explaining to do. We’re all basically sticking our hands into a bag and feeling something. How do we know what it is? The point here is…

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