2022/07/08 Appreciating Systems Changes | Coevolving Innovations

Is the subject of systems change(s), as a whole, distinct from a reduction into (i) systems and (ii) changes? For practice, theory and methods to be authentically rigourous, the philosophy underlying an approach to systems changes can be explicated. An appreciative systems framework surfaces presumptions of (i) what are and are not systems changes; (ii) when, where, and for whom, systems changes are prioritized for attention; and (iii) how systems changes should be addressed. Philosophies of (i) architectural design; (ii) ecological anthropology, and (iii) Classical Chinese Medicine are explored through multiparadigm inquiry, and open theorizing. The resulting influence of these three philosophies is considered, leading to a philosophy of systems rhythms more explicitly proposed as a foundation on which to approach systems changes.

2022/07/08 Appreciating Systems Changes | Coevolving Innovations