34C3- Reflections on the Hacker Ethos // Chaos Engineering

34C3- Reflections on the Hacker Ethos // Chaos Engineering

January 2018m Eirini Malliaraki

Aug 10

“Scepticism does not mean the successive doubting, item by item, of all opinions or of all the pathways that accede to knowledge. It is holding the subjective position that one can know nothing…. Scepticism is something that we no longer know. Scepticism is an ethic. Scepticism is a mode of sustaining man in life, which implies a position so difficult, so heroic, that we can no longer even imagine it — the way of desire.” -Lacan, 1977I spent the last 4 days celebrating hacker culture at the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig. The 34C3 is an annual conference organised by the hacking collective Chaos Computer Club. It features a variety of lectures and workshops on technical and political issues related to security, privacy, open source technologies and freedom. The community consists of all people of the web who share the common vision for an open and free technological society: trolls, programmers, activists, artists, philosophers, engineers and every virtual creature in-between. In this post, I’d like to talk about my experience and my interpretation of the hacker ethos.

34C3- Reflections on the Hacker Ethos // Chaos Engineering

(With cybernetics, complexity, and chaos)