Lean, with Joy and Mary…

Rude! 😉

I prefer to comment on a blog, on the blog itself. It helps to convert them from monologue to dialogue: which all bloggers appreciate. On this occasion, however, I have got too much to say and it would distract from the excellent blog on Lean, published by Joy Furnival.

A few weeks ago, while Joy was musing over Lean ‘being blamed for various supply chain failings’, we exchanged some thoughts on twitter, just to get the creative juices flowing. It looks like, given the tweets and the subsequent blog that we agree on many things, albeit from different perspectives, but I feel obliged to expand on a couple of Joy’s points, opinions, insinuations.

  • Here’s Joy’s honest expression of what Lean means and her dismay at some of the crap that’s spouted, not it its favour. JOY
  • And here’s one of my blatherings that explains Lean (in the middle of…

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