The risks of ‘seeing the whole’

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Have you ever been encouraged to ‘see the whole’, or ‘think holistically’?

Have you read that it is critical for our #future that we ‘see the whole of the elephant’?

It’s true — but it’s not the whole story.

And because it’s a one-sided argument trying to rebalance a polarised, competitive world — arguments for ‘holism’ can undermine themselves by missing out the reality of people’s lives.

Here are eight things to think about re complexity | systemsthinking | cybernetics. They apply for management, innovation, society, ecology.

1 denying that we are part of a whole

It’s true: we are all connected. You can’t throw anything ‘away’ because there’s no ‘away’.

This insight can change lives — deeply, fundamentally. It can change organisations, and society — usually for the better.

But despite our best wishes and intentions, it somehow doesn’t change the world! Why?

2 believing we have seen the whole when…

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