Towards the full recovery of Alexander Bogdanov’s work and ideas

Alexander Bogdanov (1873-1928)

This blog project is meant to be a personal contribution to the collective process of the recovery of Alexander Bogdanov’s fascinating life work and ideas.

The project follows up and builds on two events I co-organized on 2 and 3 June 2021. I was very lucky to be the principal organizer of these events, which were the outcome of my ongoing research on Bogdanov’s Tektology, and I received great support from precious people like Fabian Tompsett, John Biggart, Gerald Midgley, Amanda Gregory, and Mike Jackson in realising them. The institutional hosts and supporters of the events were the Centre for Systems Studies at the University of Hull, the British Cybernetics Society, and the Financial University of Moscow.

The first of these events was the 2021 Annual Mike Jackson Lecture given online by renowned theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli. The lecture was entitled ‘The Relational Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and Alexander Bogdanov’s…

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