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Organizations and Subjectivism Pt. 1Published on September 14, 2022 MilenkovicNavigating Complexity5 articles FollowingPrefaceOrganization is a human way of dealing with the complexity of the world(1). When I say organization, I don’t mean strictly an enterprise, but any kind of formal or informal organization that brings people together under shared purpose or a promise of an incentive—from book clubs or social activism, to startups or corporations… Organization facilitates creation of order, and order is a low entropy state. It’s how we make our existence more bearable in a universe that otherwise craves disorder. It’s well prepared food, electric cars or skyscrapers that are built by organizing matter into states that could possibly occur, but are highly improbable. It’s the laws, theories or knowledge that we expand to decrease the uncertainty in the world. The entropic concept I’m referring to is not thermodynamic entropy, but statistical entropy, which is a property of a probability distribution, not a real system, and as such is lacking any inherent semantics, it’s a purely syntactic concept(2) If something is ordered it is constrained to the point where future outcomes are predictable as long as the constraints can be sustained(3). It does not matter if we talk about service (an activity) or a product (a physical or a digital object), if the constraints are clear and the causality is linear—it’s order. Consequently, if we understand the causality, we can replicate the outcome.

(1) Organizations and Subjectivism Pt. 1 | LinkedIn