Apart from the ‘blind men and the elephant’, and the ‘steersman/kybernetes’ what are some archetypal illustrations of systems thinking | complexity | cybernetics?

I like eg ‘Eppur si muove’ https://bit.ly/3BLbBw7 and

‘the evening star IS the morning star’ https://bit.ly/3qGh2Gc

In this LinkedIn post, I also commented ‘Obviously I should have used ‘flocking’ and ‘that obesity map’ too :-)’

John Siegrist said ‘Does the butterfly effect count? I believe Lorentz used to talk about chaos in weather forecasting? And of course there’s the Tulip Bulb Mania.’

Steve Whitla pointed out ‘

The Watt centrifugal governor – exemplifies how in a well-designed system going out of control is also the means of bringing itself back into control. I’ve used this quite a bit since I saw Stafford Beer draw one on a whiteboard to make the point … thermostats are a commoner example but they’re static – watching little globes spinning wildly round and round is more visceral. He added – watch from 35:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ6orMfmorg

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What else? Boids, Game of Life?