Seeking a systems and complexity person to research work on complex systems – see link

Abigail Freeman Founding Partner at Brink

Hello LinkedIn friends.

I’d love your recommendations on a person or institute we should link with.We’re on the hunt for a systems person. A complexity nerd, if you will. Ideally a PhD who would relish the opportunity to follow along some of our complex systems work in real time and mine it for insights relevant to their research. Who should we be speaking with?

The complex systems we’re working with include global oxygen supplies and vaccine data, but we don’t need health specialists per se, the important thing is complexity and global systems. We’re working across India, Philippines, and parts of Africa including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania.We’ll have more fidelity soon on some of the themes a PhD might want to follow (e.g behaviour change, or data capture, in complex systems)For a flavour of this brilliant work:

#phdresearch #collaboration #complexity #systems

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