Suspended Reason


To be able to express some thing is to be unable to express others. To be able to do some thing is to be unable to do others. True omnipotence is an incoherent concept.

Moreover, the things I am able or unable to accomplish are themselves a function of my ability to discern and express—my ability to notice difference and represent difference. This enabling is to be expected. Language—as our representation system, our communication system, with its evocative figurative relations, accumulated reputational baggages, and system of lumpings versus splittings—underlies an enormous swathe of our reasoning and by extension our acting, particularly our acting-together-in-the-world. An implicit theory lurks behind each carving and resonance.

Concepts, scaffolded by language, are our meta-heuristics, the parts and piers which our tactics our built from, linking and bridging, assembled into structure from relation. They are the lines by which our rules are applied or disregarded…

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