Metaphorum Webinar series, including Olag Brugman, 1 December 5-6:30 pm (UK wintertime) – Ten Synergetic Ideas for the VSM and Management Cybernetics Community

As announced earlier, on this Thursday, the 1st of December, from 4-5:30 pm (UK wintertime), we have our next webinar by Dr. Olag Brugman, on “Ten Synergetic Ideas for the VSM and Management Cybernetics Community”. See below details of this webinar.

The webinar would be at our usual zoom link:

Topic: Metaphorum’s Webinar Series

See also below the agenda for the forthcoming webinars in 2023.

To begin our webinar series in 2023, we will have an open conversation with Vanilla Beer, on her personal experience and learning with Stafford. We invite our members to send in advance any questions they may have to include in the conversation, to,com, before the end of the year.

Please note there is a new webinar in the agenda, by Mike Jackson on March the 15th – details will be posted in our website Metaphorum-webinar-series.

Looking forward to having you with us in this webinar.


Angela Espinosa, Allenna Leonard and Jon Walker

Olaf Brugman
Ten Synergetic Ideas for the VSM and Management Cybernetics Community
Thursday, December the 1st, 2022, 5:00- 6:30 pm (UK wintertime)

The leading question for this webinar is: “What can we do to enhance the applicability of the Viable System Model and Management Cybernetics?” Ten ideas will be presented to explore opportunities to take research, education, and application in practice of the VSM and Management Cybernetics a step further. The ideas are inspired by agile software development, pattern language architecture approaches, and from management practice in cooperative organisations. It will address the VSM as a tool, dissemination of knowledge and know-how, and its practical application. The webinar aims to share notions around the VSM and Management Cybernetics that participants can connect to their academic and professional activities.

Dr. Olaf Brugman has been a systems practitioner ever since he first got to know the Viable System Model in 1985. In the systems sciences community, he currently acts as the Vice President Conference on the board of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. His main professional engagement is with Rabobank, at which he serves as the head of sustainability policy & risk. He holds a master’s degree in public administration from Twente University and a doctorate from Radboud University Nijmegen, both in the Netherlands. He currently lives in and works from The Hague.

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