The Significance of Regenerative Learning – webinar with Shakti Sharan in conversation with Satish Kumar, Founder, Schumacher College, facilitated by Andrea Stone – December 8, 2022 8:30pm Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi time

The Significance of Regenerative Learning

One of the root causes of our global environmental crisis is the way in which education is imparted and the manner in which it is used to fuel relentless economic growth. Contemporary education systems remain long on building an ‘extractive’ mindset and are hopelessly ‘unfit for purpose’ as we wrestle with converging crises of climate emergency, ecological collapse, racial inequality and worsening social injustice.

Regenerative learning is a response to this harsh reality and goes beyond structured education. By collectively focusing on ‘nurturing people and caring for the planet’, we can transcend old paradigms and explore how to repurpose old structures, schools and universities.

This webinar will feature Shakti Saran, Founder, Shaktify in conversation with Satish Kumar, Founder, Schumacher College and will be facilitated by Andrea Stone, an emotional intelligence leadership coach. They will explore the realm of regenerative learning, its significance, how it manifests itself, and what can be done to overhaul education systems to make them more humanistic and sensitive to the needs of our planet.Time

Dec 8, 2022 08:30 PM in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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