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RSD12: At the Systemic Design Association’s General Assembly, Evan Barba proposed that Georgetown University coordinate RSD12 as a distributed network model where a handful of “hubs” or “nodes” act as regional hosts for RSD. The proposal was enthusiastically received and approved.
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Message from SDA Chair Silvia BarberoI want to take this opportunity to make a special wish for the new year that we continue to connect people with design and build a future of peace and friendship. The future is now, and we are responsible for designing a better world.READ MORE
Contexts – the Systemic Design JournalPeter Jones, Editor in Chief: We’ve had a huge learning year and good results for the systemic design publication. Volume 1 will feature papers from authors Harold Nelson, Elena Porqueddu, Dulmini Perera and Tony Fry.READ MORE
Next stepsThis phase starts by moving into production mode, with a target publication date of February 15, 2023. For authors who are revising their papers, the deadline is December 31. It’s also time to upload presentations or supporting materials. While providing anything beyond a final paper is not mandatory, these are welcome additions to the systemic design repository.READ MORE
Reflections on RSD11This year’s RSD contributions were dedicated to exploring possibilities for systemic design. A call went out to question systemic design’s emerging shape, and the growing, remarkably interdisciplinary systemic design community responded.READ MORE
Member News
Designing ComplexityThe much-awaited book, Designing Complexity: The Method & Practice of Systems Oriented Design, by Birger Sevaldson, is available in PDF and hardback. It officially launches in January but can be ordered now.Birger has also re-launched the legacy systemsorienteddesign.net with hundreds of resources: gigamapping, frameworks, tools, projects, and more. Subscribe to get notified of new articles.BOOK DETAILS & ORDER
Sign up & sign inAlthough scholarly work was core at RSD11, the experience felt more like a movement.While volunteer run, SDA needs to maintain a small operating budget to support the emergence of systemic design across a community of academics and practitioners.Please be sure to support SDA this year as a member or with a donation. The SDA member directory also has a new look, so if you opt into the directory, please update your profile.SDA MEMBERSHIP