Systems, Volume 11, Issue 3 (March 2023) – 54 articles – and a concern

Cover Story (view full-size image): Aviation is characterized by many stakeholders, long lifespans, and high requirements for safety, security, and documentation. To meet these as well as customer needs, aircraft are regularly retrofitted with new cabins. During the planning and execution of this cabin retrofit, handling the required data poses a challenge. While many of them are available in some form, there is a lack of a digitally usable dataset of the specific aircraft. To support the overall process of retrofitting aircraft, an approach to model-driven data handling tailored to the unique circumstances of aviation is introduced. It combines systems engineering and data science techniques framed by an iterative procedure that creates and enhances a digitally accessible dataset and eases access to needed information. View this paper

Here’s the link to the ‘journal’ ‘edition’

I will link to two articles I’m particularly interested in, but with no guaranteee of quality or quality of review.

My concern – here’s what I posted on a listserver:

While I’m very interested in at least two of these articles (Oshry and Bowen and Sensemaking), the range here and the lack of theme and the dubious qualifications of some of the articles to be about ‘systems’ reinforce my concerns about the journal and about any serious organisations or individuals associating with it and thereby lending it credibility. The lack of editing I have noted in some articles supports this.

It has been named as a predatory journal along with many published by MDPI – MDPI of course strenuously refute this but ‘aggressively rent-seeking’ doesn’t feel like an inappropriate response. Links below including MDPI’s attack.

As a systems community, don’t we have a responsibilty to take this seriously?

Is MDPI a predatory publisher?

List of all MDPI predatory journals

Warning about a Suspicious Website Denouncing MDPI Journals
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