Metacrisis Match Funding Round: Call for Applications and further sponsors

Apr 14 2023
What is the metacrisis?
The metacrisis, a term popularized by Daniel Schmachtenberger, refers to the systemic and interdependent nature of the various crises facing humanity, which are driven by the misalignment between our technological capabilities, social systems, and underlying value structures. It highlights the interconnectedness of issues such as environmental degradation, socioeconomic inequality, political instability, and technological risks, emphasizing that the resolution of one crisis cannot be truly achieved without addressing the others. The metacrisis underscores the necessity for a comprehensive, cooperative, and paradigm-shifting approach to problem-solving, demanding a transition from a competitive, zero-sum mindset to one that prioritizes collective well-being, long-term resilience, and the flourishing of all life on Earth.

Story of the match funding round
Between Jul 2022 – Jan 2023, Daniel and Kevin Owocki had three conversations on the metacrisis on the Green Pill podcast:

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