How can collective healing pave the way for systems change? Centre for Public Impact ANZ and Collective Change Lab, 12noon AEST, 15 June 2023

Centre for Public Impact

How can collective healing pave the way for systems change?

What is collective trauma? How does it hinder systems change work? How can we convene collective healing to overcome collective trauma and, in doing so, pave a way to real and enduring change? 

These are the type of questions John Kania and Laura Calderon de la Barca from the Collective Change Lab set out to explore when they embarked on their work on healing systems. Their research has taken them across the globe and deep within themselves, engaging with a range of disciplines and wisdoms to understand collective trauma and how we can resolve and heal from it at a systemic level.

Join our 90-minute webinar co-hosted by the Centre for Public Impact ANZ and Collective Change Lab to learn more about their work and explore how we can understand the presence of trauma in systems and convene collective healing to unlock deep and enduring, transformational change within systems. 

This webinar will preview a framework for identifying systemic-level trauma that will be published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review and other outlets in August 2023.

Key details  

  • 12pm – 1.30pm (AEST), Thursday 15 June 
  • Online (Zoom link provided upon registration)