Systems Innovation 2019 – Complexity Labs – 30-31 March 2019, Barcelona

This should be fun – also your humble curator is speaking there 🙂

Source: Systems Innovation 2019 – Complexity Labs

Systems Innovation 2019


Systems Innovation 2019 will be a conference on the topics of Complexity Thinking & Systems Change taking place in Barcelona at the end of March 2019. This is an open forum for those organizations and individuals applying complexity and systems thinking in various areas of economy, society, technology or environment towards enabling systems innovation and change – it is for anyone who feels that complexity or systems thinking is central to what they do and wishes to engage with peer organizations and individuals in open discussion and ideas exchange.

The event will bring together up to 10-20 organizations and some 100 individual participants, for an active weekend of presentations, panel discussions and brainstorming sessions on applying the ideas of complexity and systems thinking. The forum will be an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and perspectives with others in an open space, to foster collaboration and awareness across the community, to hear from our speakers and brainstorm on specific issues of interest to participants.

Basic Info


This will be a weekend conference of presentations, workshops and open discussion sessions


This is for those interested in applying complexity thinking to tackling real-world issues and enabling systems change.


The event will take place in Spaces co-working located in the @22 innovation district in the center of Barcelona.


Two full day events set for the weekend of the 30 – 31st of March.


Bring your questions, imagination and enthusiasm for a topic of your interest because this will not be a passive weekend break, but a user generated event. We are mindful that flying people around costs the planet, it costs time, energy and money, we expect everyone to be actively engage in creating an event that has real value and outcomes that move the discussion on systems innovation forward – we have designed the conference to facilitate active engagement from all parties.


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